We did it! Book one is completed, four issues of Skully Plop-Tits goodness all here for your amusement. And it’s been HELLOFFA fun thing so far, for me at least. I was unsure when I started it if I had the momentum to keep going past a couple of issues, I knew I wanted to but I also knew my concentration ain’t what it used to be. But now, with four issues done, I’m more fired up than ever, and itchy keen to get the rest of this story out.

Book one is called The Beginning because it’s the beginning of Skull, it’s how he came to be and the events which shaped him. I didn’t want him to just lose his face and run around kicking things, I wanted to have him really go through a lot to get to where we are so far, thus his final speech on this last page. He has reason for his fury and contempt, which has now set him up as a character i really want to throw through the rest of the story, and watch how he grows and what he becomes.

And of course there are the questions, the fragile framework of clues and set-ups I’ve tried to lay through this first book, which we will begin to explore more in the next few books. Maybe on re-reading you’ll find things you missed.

But most importantly, I want to have more fun with Skull, more swearing and violence. I feel in explaining the set-up so far we’ve not had enough chance to play around with him as a character, so i’m excited to get back into that.

As for an actual book release? No plans yet. I’d love to, but at the moment I’m concentrating on the web version so haven’t sat down and worked out any specifics of making a book or pitching one.

The start date of Book Two will be announced soon, i’m hoping it won’t be more than a month before we begin again but please bear with me while i work it all out.

And lastly, thank you again. Your comments, discussions and support have made me even more motivated to keep going, I’m really chuffed that people are enjoying it all.

See you soon!


ps. if you can think of any ways to spread the word of Corporate Skull please do, it would be great to get some new readers on board when issue two starts! In the meantime, if you’d like a chance to win this Corporate Skull sketch (and i’ve not given any Skull sketches away before) then just follow Skull on twitter HERE and RT the latest tweet! Winner will be chosen at random and emailed by 10am UK time tomorrow (12th April 2012).