You can see all Patt’s work here GO GO GO

Guest week kicks off in style with a contribution from one Patt Kelley! I love how Patt’s taken Skull and run with him to the natural sadistic conclusion, venting the frustrations of the modern age in beautiful style.
I like a lot of artists, but I’d never say I was a FAN of many. Patt’s one of the few I’m a total fanboy for, his work’s so delicately rendered and darkly expressive, I can stare at it for hours. I’ve been honoured enough to have him contribute to one of my previous characters, Ubu Bubu, for the collected book and even tricked Patt out of the original artwork which is…just…RIDICULOUSLY good.
Anyway, enough gushing. Enjoy Patt’s work, go to his website, buy his comics for the love of god buy his comics.

You can see more of Stephen’s work HERE AND YOU SHOULD.

Stephen and myself have known each other since we were i dunno about 5 or something, and grew up tracing Garfield comics together and making terrible Bill And Ted style home movies. He introduced me to Calvin And Hobbes, which became a huge influence to me, and to thank him I fed him joke garlic sweets which made him violently sick in a kitchen sink. So, y’know, we’re pretty close. Then we lost touch for a decade or so until meeting up again, we’d both continued drawing cartoons thankfully, and this year Stephen’s comics have graced the pages of The Dandy, winning him a whole score of fans.
Well that’s the history, THERE’S THE COMIC. His take on Skull is, I think, pretty pitch perfect, and absolutely hilarious. Thanks Stephen!

Today’s guest page is by the world-conquering duo of Drew Rausch (you can see his work HERE) and Joeclyn Gajeway (you can find her HERE)

Since their combo work on the incredi-spooky SLG comic SULLENGREY, the tentacle-tastic twosome* have proven themselves the perfect bearers of the twisted deranged crown we all fight over (and we DO fight. With sharpened biros). Since then, Drew has gone on to work on the rather extraordinary slithering opus Eldritch with Aaron Alexovich CLICKY HEREY.

Frankly, Drew and Jocelyn’s frantic take on Skull’s bullshit-suffering sums up the reasons for his ongoing temper brilliantly, and PEOPLE GET THROWN. People should ALWAYS get thrown.

*- look i’m really sorry, okay?

You can see Shing Yin’s UHMAZING sculptures and monsters HERE SO DO THAT

Shing Yin is an artist I first saw on twitter (HERE, FOLLOW HER), and ended up spending hours sifting through all the wonderfully bizarre creatures she makes. In particular, her webcomic Marlow The Monster was one of the funniest and sweetest webcomics I’d seen, so i instantly wrote FAN across my belly. When Shing Yin offered to join Skull Guest Week, i was delighted to hear she wanted to do a comic not about Skull, but about Shitpiss the dog, because that poor little bastard hasn’t had much attention in the comics (though he does appear in style in issue 4). I think she captured him perfectly, right down to his little doggy nutties. DOGGY NUTTIES. WHEEEE!

Joel Golby is an enigma, a flighty swordsmithman, a misplaced rambutan. He leaves his trail across the internet with funny writings and funny also drawings. You could follow him on twitter HERE, or read some of his words HERE. I would avoid his sexual death-grips, but otherwise he’s quite quite safe.

Joel’s comics make me laugh harder than I feel comfortable with. His Skull (comic) is no exception.

You can read Alan’s webcomic FARADAY THE BLOB here. And you should do that.

I found Alan’s work while googling my own because I’m very vain and needy. He’d unwittingly mentioned Corporate Skull in one of his blogs, so i hunted him down and lived in his house for only a few weeks until he noticed smells. As it turned out, Alan’s own webcomic Faraday The Blob is ten times better than anything, beautiful full-colour random comedy, a delight to rub into the eyes. I thought it was sodding brilliant, so forced him into being an involuntary friend merely so i could groom his kidneys…i mean, ask him to do a guest strip one day.

And he did it IN STYLE. Fucking love this.

I’ve been following Woodrow(‘s work) since being a labelmate back at SLG Publishing, when he worked on Sugar Buzz. Since then we’ve ended up coasting alongside each other again, as regular artists in The DFC, and just recently in the incredible UK anthology he co-edited called NELSON (I would URGE you to buy this). Despite all that though, and my conviction he’s probably the nicest man in comics besides the imaginary version of myself i like to think exists, we still haven’t met. Which is entirely my fault, as I’m a shit.

BUT to have Woodrow’s take on Skull was a real honour, and he waded into the roll with gusto, taking on Skull’s spirit in gloriously sex-gothface style. Real nice to get some nookie into the comic FINALLY, and I just love Woodrow’s style. And it seems the perfect way to round off this week of Corporate Skull guest artists.

Everyone’s strips have been remarkable, overwhelmingly good and always right on the nerve. Thank you THANK YOU to all the artists involved for your hard work and willingness to get all Skull mucky, it’s been such a massive buzz for me to see and I hope everyone reading has enjoyed the Skull interpretations. ARGH. So flipping brilliant.