Well now who’s this jolly little fellow? Yes it’s Shitpiss the dog, everyone’s favourite incontinent bag of flesh, and he’s here to announce that the Corporate Skull Guest Artist Week comics now take pride of place on their own page, so click HERE to read them all in one go. Shitpiss was of course made by the amazingly talented Shing Yin Khor for her guest strip, and i was over the moon to receive the original model itself through the post today, thanks Shing Yin! ^_^
If I may be so bold, Guest Artist Week was a massive success, with some genuinely brilliant comics coming in from some of the finest creators, and I was totally humbled to see their take on Skull. Do have a read through, I always find it fascinating when an idea is interpreted through different artists, and I owe huge thanks to all the awesome people involved. THANKS! It might be fun to do another week like this sometime.