There’s a real nice audio review of Corporate Skull (amongst others) up at (starts about 18.00 in). Thanks so much guys, glad you like it! And if you or your site have reviewed Corporate Skull, do let me know. I’m fragile and needy. i mean, i appreciate the support. Yeah, thats it.

What I enjoyed most about the review though, is how little the comic so far has given away, and where readers may be presuming it’s going to go. In hearing what the reviewers thought, I felt some perverse glee that what’s ACTUALLY going to happen in Corporate Skull is going to surprise people.

I don’t mean to sound like smug, glib webcomics bastard saying that. All I mean is, the twists and turns coming up in future issues of Corporate Skull are what make me most excited to be working on it, and so keen to be getting through it. I hope I can say with confidence, no one’s going to guess what the main story of Corporate Skull is going to be, and it’s not even going to be fully revealed until about issue four. Until then, the clues are plenty abound, if you know where to look for them.

My nature is one of impatience, i want stories told now, so stretching out like this is totally against form for me. It’s a real struggle not to just crack and try to reveal everything in issue one. But I will resist, and give this the room it deserves.

If it works, hopefully it’ll really knock your socks off. Just hang on.