So hey, I’m looking for someone who could help me put a little Corporate Skull trailer together. Since we’re crashing and screaming our way towards the end of Book One, I thought it’d be really awesome to have a little one minute video to give people a quick intro/tease as to what’s been going on.

You’ve probably seen comic trailers before – it’s never anything fancy. Just sliding across panels, text inserts, sweeping backing music, that kinda thing. The kinda thing that if you do make videos, is probably piss easy. But my brain doesn’t handle technology all that well, and I could do with some help.

That said, there would be room to have some real fun with it if the urge took you. Blood spatters, subtle animations, etc. I’d cut out the panels i need and draw a rough storyboard of how I’d see it running, then pass it onto you. There’s no money in this I’m afraid (this IS webcomics *cough*), but of course you’d get a credit and the knowledge that maybe we got Skull bone-crunching his way into a few more people’s peripherals together (WHEEEEE).

So if you fancy having a go, could you just let me know (comment or email or whatever) and point me towards any videos you might have done before? If more than one person sounds video-talented then i might need to call on you at a later date for future ideas, so it’d be good to know anyway.

Thanks guys!