First off, WOW. Thanks so much to everyone who shared, retweeted, commented and helped spread the word about Corporate Skull starting yesterday, it was pretty overwhelming and I know a lot of people have started reading who may not have seen my work before, so HELLO. All the support is obviously very appreciated, so lets hope the comic can do you justice.

So there’s a new page up today, probably another one before the end of the week. As I say, uploading may be sporadic, but reasonably regular.

But now we’re here, I’d welcome any suggestions about the site. This website as you see it is pretty much the limits of my tech capabilities, so if it’s falling apart in different browsers or the RSS feed isn’t working (which is always something I have trouble getting to grips with) please do let me know, or even better, give me a hint as to how to improve it.

And as I mentioned yesterday, comicpress seems really glitchy for me and is making the site slower than it should be – is this just me?

Lastly you may have noticed the homepage now points to the latest page, rather than the first. This is more logical, but if you think it might spoil it for anyone visiting the site afresh, lemme know.

Onward, Skull!