And so here we are again, crashing trouserless into the end of an issue and what have we learnt? Well a lot, but none of it I can list here for fear of spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t read it all yet. So please do dive on in, click the thumbnail above to be transported back to the beginning of issue 5 and enjoy the hitting, crunching, swearing, screaming and bonking in all its glory!

As for me, I found issue 5 a little hard to get through, with other work and moving house all piling in around it, so apologies for any erratic updating this time round. I’ll now take my usual few-week break off from Skull while I go away and start putting together issue 6. I’m really proud of 5, but want 6 to ramp it up a bit and get a bit more momentum going, so if I can promise anything, it’s that things are going to get a fair bit more insane.

For now, please enjoy, and thank you for reading! It really does mean a fuckton when people support and comment on this, i appreciate it so much. So thank you.