Click to read issue two, Of Beasts And Bastards, from the start.

Well there we go, issue two done. I can’t believe how quickly this time has gone, it seems not long ago I was worrying about keeping the momentum to get through issue one, and now we’re already 48 pages into our story. I do wonder what people are thinking of this story, if its taking too long. My usual instinct is to write more spontaneous comics, that you can pick up and put down, but Skull is laying its path very carefully. Questions are arising (and more will come), as this little world builds up. I’m loving establishing it all first, before we really hit the meat of it. I’d be interested to know people’s opinions, is it going too slow for you, or is the pace right? I’ll be writing a bit more about where issues 3 and 4 are going soon.

So anyway, please enjoy issue two, it’s been an absolute blast to draw, especially the climax. I’ve found myself a couple of days spare to write issue three, then I just need a couple more days to start drawing it, and there’ll hopefully be an announcement about when it’ll start in a couple of weeks. I have to say I might need a little longer/be a little more irregular with the next issue. Work is starting to overtake me and it does have to take precedent – Skull is still very much a side-project even though it has a huge chunk of my heart at the moment.

Lastly, thank you everyone for your comments, tweets and general Skull support during issue two. It’s been wonderful. And the SKULL ART has just been ridiculously good, thank you so much. If you want to contribute any Skull art please do, it’s really humbling to see. And if you have any comments about Skull generally, any gripes or ideas, or even theories about where you think this is all going, please do post em up! Knowing people are enjoying it is often the biggest push when working on a webcomic, partly because we’re needy, partly to know we’re not shouting into the void.

Thanks. And anything you can do to help share Skull around would be brilliant too. SPREAD THE WORD.


ps. huge thanks to Daniel Pidcock for the Skull favicon you see next to the URL!