Corporate Skull started life as an ill-thought out idea in 2009. The premise was simple, a man gets his face ripped off by a photocopier, and transforms into the hero of the workplace. The fact he was a sweary, violent drunk was an added bonus, and soon a handful of 3-panel strips were drawn, then a four-page special.

Originally the idea was that Corporate Skull worked in a company run by demons, but that quickly became too boring and simplistic. So over the next two years, the full, epic tale of Corporate Skull and his office-based apocalypse slowly rolled out and formed into some sort of cohesive whole. Now I just have to draw the fucking thing.

Anyway, below are all the initial Corporate Skull strips, as i tried to get a handle on his character. These were originally posted on his livejournal, which you can check out if you want to read more words about it all.

And here as an added extra is the full 4-page Corporate Skull printed debut, from the pages of the excellent Fat Chunk : Zombies anthology (published by SLG Publishing)