Hello everyone. I owe you massive massive apologies for being so quiet for so long, I’m truly sorry. I see Skull is still getting pretty regular site views which is awesome (is that new visitors? I dunno), so i’m long overdue to explain what’s going on.

Skull is still happening. Of course it is. Of COURSE. There’s still book two to finish, and then the next four books to complete. There’s still so much story to tell, and I’m so excited to tell it.

Time is not being kind right now though. I had actually planned to take a week off over Christmas to start writing more Skull, but it just never happened. And it still hasn’t happened yet. Most of my week is taken up with drawing weekly comics for The Beano and The Phoenix, and I’m on deadlines for those so can’t mess about. Alongside it I’ve been trying to launch this new children’s comic, to breathe a little more life into the kids comics scene, called Moose Kid. And it’s so close to being ready, we have maybe 35 artists involved (and really, genuinely, flipping brilliant ones), just waiting for the last few to send their work in. Then finally we can launch. I need that to happen before I can get back to Skull, especially since the artists have been good enough to contribute their work to it.

Around that I finally completed edits on my first novel, which has taken about 3 years to do all in all. So, like Moose Kid, it’s been something I’ve needed to get done before I can go back to Skull. And I’m sorry to say Skull can’t take priority in my workload, it’s something I do for fun, not profit or future rewards. I’m interested in finding a publisher for it, but haven’t massively pursued that yet. There’s just this huge to-do pile, and doing that is just one of many ideas on there.

So, that’s where I’m at. Basically saying if you can wait a little longer, I’d really appreciate that. I’d hope we can start Skull issue 8 by summer, I just need to find some time, somewhere, and right now I can’t find any.

But thank you again SO much for sticking with Skull, it means a ton to me. And if you want to hear first when I’ve started on it again, i’ll blather about it on twitter @jamiesmart

Thank you!