Hey! Hi! HEYYYYY. So here we are at the end of Corporate Skull issue 7, always feels great to have concluded an issue, and to begin planning out the next one. Thank you to everyone who’s been following, reading and sharing Corporate Skull, it is appreciated x1000!

So there’s good news and there’s bad news. The GOOD news is issue 8 is going to be a skull-kicker of an issue. Though I enjoyed working on issue 7, i felt it was a bit more story than action, so I’m determined to make issue 8 just a balls to the wall UMPH of excitement. The bad news is it may take me a little while to get it done. There are a coupla reasons for this. One is, as usual, work is crazy. I mean crrrrazy. Which is great, but it starts to squeeze things like Skull to the side, because Skull doesn’t really have deadlines. There’s my regular kids comic work (incidentally, anyone who’s followed me from my Bear days, do check out The Phoenix, in digital or print, this Friday as it features a 4-page LOOSHKIN comic!), as well as this book i’ve been writing and Moose Kid Comics, my attempt to bring a load of amazing artists together to make a brand new kids comic. As often happens, this stuff begins to all pile up towards the end of the year, so it might be a coupla months before i can even think about Skull. I’m hoping to take a week off over Christmas to start writing it, but I guess I’ll have to see how that pans out.

Secondly, my motivation has been slightly slowing down. You’d kinda expect that after 175 or so pages, the initial buzz can carry you through so long. And people’s responses to the strip so far have been such a boost, they really help when you’re drawing webcomics. The thing that keeps me going on Skull is knowing what’s going to happen at the end of this book, or at the end of the next book, or what the grand finale to it all is going to be. THAT is what makes me really excited about Skull still, and wanting to keep drawing it, there’s a ton of story left to tell. So don’t worry, this’ll carry on until we reach the end of book six or i’ve gone mad trying. It’s just recently drawing Skull hasn’t been the 100% fun it once was, and I’ve felt like the pages haven’t been as great as they could have been.

As I say, all natural feelings I guess, and another good reason for me to take a bit of time out. Then I can come back completely psyched about it all again.

So thanks again all, and follow me on twitter HERE to hear the latest on when Skull will be back!